Update: August 26th, 2008

If you’ve deployed the ERTE in WSS 3 and the script isn’t working, please check the following:

1. the refference to JavaScript is wrong
(in the last step when putting the
Can you try putting the full URL of the JavaScript? (when uploaded to the master page gallery, right click and copy url to clipboard and paste it in the src=”…” to refference it

2. user has no right of reading it
if you’re accessing this from subsite, you’re putting the script src=”/_catalogs/masterpage/erte.js”> and the user viewing has no right to access the top level site… In this case add the scripts to the subsite’s master galery and include the url in the

3. scripting is disabled
Maybe JavaScripts are disabled in your browser (I doubt that), but just in case check in any other computer if the problem is the same.

4. some other JavaScript error appeared before
If there appears some JavaScript error before the end of the page (where the ERTE is refferenced) usually the browser stops running scripts on that page. Please verify if the scripts are running.

5. it must be running in IE
Rich Text Control isn’t available for FireFox. So if you’re using FireFox you won’t see the rich text control for your rich text field (bold, italic, underline, etc.)

6. you must have Enhanced Rich Text Field
the addin isn’t working with plain multiple line field or with basic rich text field. You have to change to Enhanced Rich text Field.