Project ERTE

Update: August 25th, 2008

Enhanced Rich Text for SharePoint Extended

The ERTE project, hosted on Codeplex ( is my open-source project, aiming to remove the problem that SharePoint has (especially in blogs). If you insert an embedded content (like videos from YouTube, MSN Video, Google Video, etc.), the code gets filtered out server-side.

This simple-to-install add-on will enable you to add this kind of content. The content will not be shown in the RSS feeds and browsers not supporting JavaScript. Once installed, with every Rich Text Field (enhanced) you’ll get an additional button, enabling you to embed the content.

Clicking that button will open an interface into which you can paste the “Embed” code provided by your media providers (like youtube, MSN Video, etc.).

Into “Alt text” field enter the text (or HTML) of what will be shown in the RSS Feed and in the editor.

If this simple addon saved you hours of troubles or hundreds of dollars, you can support further development by small donation.