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Thanks everyone that joined in to listen to my online presentation on SPSEMEA. I’ve zipped and uploaded all my script samples to CodePlex – click here to download the package. Let me just point out couple of resources used in those scripts: Jquery: I was mentioning the IE Developer Toolbar for IE 7 – […]

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 at 14:21 | 8 comments
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If you need to determine which week of the month a particular date is in, use the following formula: =(DATEDIF(DATE(YEAR(Datum);MONTH(Datum);1)-(WEEKDAY(DATE(YEAR(Datum);MONTH(Datum);1);2))+1;Datum+(7-WEEKDAY(Datum;2));”D”)+1)/7 The formula above is for regions that use decimal comma format and week starts on Monday. If you use decimal dot and your weeks start on Sunday, use the following formula: =(DATEDIF(DATE(YEAR(Datum),MONTH(Datum),1)-(WEEKDAY(DATE(YEAR(Datum),MONTH(Datum),1),1))+1,Datum+(7-WEEKDAY(Datum,2)),”D”)+1)/7 The formula displays […]

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Here’s a short one worth taking note of. If you’re using SharePoint Event Receivers – more specifically synchronous event receivers (-ing) you might notice that if you try to set Properties.AfterProperties[“Title”] in a document library for the strangest reason it doesn’t work. If that occurs, use the AfterProperties[“vti_title”] And the Document Title can be managed.

Monday, January 4th, 2010 at 09:32 | 3 comments
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