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Just received confirmation today from Mark Miller, organizer of SharePoint Saturday: VYSYD4P26G7Z You’re invited to an online event on Saturday, 23rd January 2010. There will be lots of great speakers, keynote will be held by Joel Oleson, loads of MVP sessions and more to come. I’ll also be having an online session talking about The […]

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How about spicing up company’s intranet for the season? Here’s a neat little trick you can make for adding season’s spirit  to your SharePoint homepage. We’ll add some decoration to page’s head. The first thing you need is the images for the decoration. Don’t make them too big, because you can’t click on anything below […]

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I noticed what seems to be a slight bug in MOSS couple of days ago. If you use HTML tags in SharePoint list description, the HTML will be displayed in List settings and in “View all site content” page (sample below:) But no HTML in list view – the HTML tags get escaped.   A […]

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If you’re having some of the following symptoms: 1. You’ve created a web application and you’re sure that credentials are right, but you’re unable to login to the site collection in that web application. 2. Search index log returns strange errors about not finding the web application or access denied. Then the solution is in […]

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